AutoLoc DL1000 AutoLoc manual suicide door safety pins
Item# DL1000

Product Description

AutoLoc DL1000 manual suicide door safety pins.

Safety pins are a very wise addition to any vehicle with front opening, rear hinged doors.

Also great for cargo, slidng and overhead doors.

A 1/4" diameter stainless steel rod extends into the door jamb to insure that the door will not open unexpectedly.

DeadLocís revolutionary locking system ensures your passengerís safety and security!

DeadLocís unique locking design offers a long life of smooth operation.

Systems come complete with all hardware and manual lever.

Great for all types of doors including cargo, sliding, and overhead.

Heavy Duty Construction.

Made of aluminum and stainless steel.

1/4 Inch Steel Rod

Small Compact Design

Made in America.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.