Edl bloc
Item# 4249

Product Description

Edelbrock 4249 Elite Series valve covers.

Fits Chevy 283, 327, 350 and 400 small block engines.

Cast aluminum contruction.

Polished aluminum finish.

Edelbrock script.

Tall height provides clearance for most roller rockers and provides a "race engine" look.

Each valve cover has a 1 1/4" diameter oil fill hole that will accept breathers.

Includes reducing grommets for pcv valves.

Sold as a set of 2 Edelbrock Elite valve covers.

TECH NOTE: Will not fit Chevy engines using "center bolt" valve covers.

Scroll down the page for matching breathers, bolts and gaskets.

polished billet aluminum pcv valve
polished billet aluminum pcv valve
Push in billet aluminum PCV valve. Works with the valve cover shown above. Valve is replaceable through the bottom of the aluminum housing.

Sold as one PCV valve.
• chroeners
Chrome plated valve cover T-wings for tall style valve covers.

Allows for easy installation and removal of the valve covers with no tools required!

The 1" long 1/4"-20 thread stud locates the valve cover gasket and you simply tighten the T-wing by hand.

The T-wing measures 5 2/8" tall.

Sold as a set of 8 T-wings to install two Chevy small block valve covers.
• valvkit
This valve cover mounting stud kit works great!

The 1/4"-20 studs thread into the heads and help to locate the gaskets. Install the valve covers over the studs and attach with the provided serated speed nuts.

The top of the studs are radiused for a clean appearance.

A very professional installation.

Sold as a set of 8 studs and nuts to install 2 Chevy small block valve covers.
• blackolts
ARP black oxide coated Chevy small block valve cover bolt set.

A complete set of 8 hex head bolts and washers.

Bolts measure 1/4-20 thread with .812" underhead length.

Works great with aluminum or stamped steel valve covers, even when hold down tabs are used.

Works well with the valve covers shown above.
• polislts
ARP 400-7507 Chevy small block valve cover bolts.

Show polished stainless steel with polished stainless washers.

Works well with the valve cover set shown above.

Sold as a complete set of 8 bolts and 8 washers.
• hevy smakets
Tired of leaking valve covers? Don't want to mess with sticky silicone sealers? Then this is the valve cover gasket for you! We feel this is the best gasket for the money on the market. You can believe us when we say that we have tried them all!

Ultra Seal Ultra-20 material swells to a controlled thickness for a tight seal.

It will not contract or need re-torquing.

A black latex coating helps create a tight seal and assures easy removal.

High tensile strength improves performance.

Sold as 2 valve cover gaskets