Cloyes 9-3100A 327 383 350 hex adjust timing chain
Item# CLOYES-9-3100A

Product Description

Cloyes 9-3100A hex adjust timing chain.

Designed for Chevy 283, 327, 350, 400 and 383 stroker engines.

Maximum of 3 degrees of advance/retard at the camshaft.

Maximum of 6 degrees of advance/retard at the crankshaft.

SAE 1144 billet steel, induction hardend to RC48, is used for the cam and crank sprockets.

True rolling chain.

Cold rolled .250" roller bearings.

A special hex head bushing is installed on the cam's dowel pin. This bushing lines up with markings on the cam sprocket.

You can adjust the timing in fractions of a degree by loosening the cam bolts and turning the bushing with an allen wrench.

Will fit under stock timing covers.

Great for race or street engines.

TECH NOTE: Will not fit OEM factory roller cams.