Cloyes 9-3110A hex adjust 396 427 454 timing chain
Item# CLOYES-9-3110A

Product Description

Cloyes 9-3110A hex adjust double roller timing chain.

Designed for Chevy 396, 402, 427, 454 engines.

Features a special bushing that goes over the cam gear and aligns with markings on the gear.

Use an allen wrench to adjust the cam timing in small increments up to 3 degrees advance/retard at the camshaft and up to 6 degrees advance/retard at the crankshaft.

SAE 1144 billet cam and crank gears hardend to Rc48 and a true double roller chain. Cold rolled .250" rollers.

Fits under the stock timing cover.

No machining required, no fumbling with cam bushings.

TECH NOTE: Will not work with OEM factory roller cams.