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7 Quart Oil Pan

Moroso 20401 oil pan.

Fits Mark 4 Chevy big blocks

Features a kicked out sump that moves the oil level away from the rotating assembly and yet provides good ground clearance.

Trap door baffling keeps oil contained in the pickup area during hard acceleration and braking.

Notched pan rails accept strokes up to 4.250" with steel rods and 4.090" with aluminum rods.

Includes a provision to accept the Moroso dipstick kit 25970.

Works with most starter and flywheel combinations.

Measures 8" deep with the sump measuring 10" front to back and 10 1/2" wide.

This oil pan is compatible with Moroso 23030 windage tray, Moroso 23010 oil pan baffle and Moroso 25830 crankshaft scraper.

TECH NOTE: Will not fit Gen V and Gen VI engines or 1955-1957 Chevy. Will not fit 1962-1967 Chevy II or V8 Vega/Monza.

Use Moroso 24440 oil pump pickup tube for most oil pumps used. Scroll down the page for this oil pump pickup tube.

Moroso 20401 oil pan Chevy big block 7 quart oil pan 20401$259.97

Click to enlargeMr. Gasket 6086 Oil Pan Bolts for Moroso 20401 Oil Pan
MR. Gasket 6086 oil pan bolt kit.

Fits Chevy big block engines.

Works well with the Moroso 20401 oil pan.


Two 1/4 Inch 20 x 3/4 Inch Bolts.

Twenty 5/16 Inch - 18 x 3/4 Inch Bolts.

These oil pan bolt kits have a special smaller-than-standard hex head that is ideal for tight spaces.

Because of the hex flange head design, it will not back into the socket wrench, allowing for easier installation.

Special underhead serrations prevent loosening, and the wide flange head distributes uniform clamping pressure for an ultra gasket seal.

The Grade 5 bolts are zinc plated.

Click to enlargeFelpro 1893 Oil Pan Gasket for Moroso 20401 Oil Pan
Felpro 1893 oil pan gasket for Moroso 20401 oil pan.

Constructed of rubber with a steel core.

Fits 1965-1990 Gen 4 big block stroker engine.

Trimmed for rod clearance.

Click to enlargeMelling M77HV High Volume Oil Pump for Moroso 20401 Oil Pan
Melling M77HV high volume oil pump for Chevy big block engines.

Works well with the Moroso 20401 oil pan.

Approximately 25% higher oil volume than stock.

Standard oil pressure.

Uses press fit oil pump pickup tube.

TECH NOTE: Recommend Melling 24440 oil pump pickup tube for use with the Moroso 20401 oil pan.

Click to enlargeMoroso 24440 Pickup Tube for Moroso 20401 Oil Pan
Moroso 24440 oil pump pickup tube for use with Moroso 20401 Chevy big block oil pan.

Fits Moroso 22150, 22160, 22162 oil pumps and Mellings M77 or M77HV oil pumps.

Click to enlargeMoroso 23010 Oil Pan Baffle for Moroso 20401 Oil Pan
Moroso 23010 Chevy big block oil baffle for use with Moroso 20401 oil pan.

The Moroso big block oil baffle is designed to prevent sump oil from reaching the crankshaft during hard acceleration.

The Moroso oil baffle mounts between the rear main bearing cap and the oil pump.

TECH NOTE: Baffle will need to be trimmed to match the oil pan used.

Click to enlargeMoroso 25830 Crankshaft Wiper Scraper for Moroso 20401 Oil Pan
Moroso 25830 Chevy big block crankshaft wiper scraper.

Designed for use with the Moroso 20401 oil pan

Removes excess oil from the crankshaft to reduce horsepower robbing windage drag.

Made of .035" steel plate, comes fairly prefit so that only slight amounts of material trimming is required for the specific crankshaft used.

Trim to within .045" of the connecting rods and counterweights for best results.

Attaches between the block and the oil pan.

Click to enlargeMoroso 23030 Windage Tray for Moroso 20401 Oil Pan
Moroso 23030 windage tray for Chevy Mark 4 big block engines.

Designed for use with the Moroso 20401 oil pan.

The Moroso big block windage tray allows the oil thrown from the rotating assembly to drain back into the sump without splashing back.

Teflon coated for quick drainage.

Improved drainage reduces windage, increasing power.

Some trimming may be required depending on the oil pan used.

The Moroso louvered windage tray mounts with main cap stud kits with windage tray standoffs. (Standoffs not included.)

Click to enlargeMoroso 25970 Dip Stick for Moroso 20401 Oil Pan
Moroso 25970 universal engine oil dipstick.

Designed for use with the Moroso 20401 oil pan.

Chrome plated with a built-in 1.4" NPT fitting.

A 1/4" NPT steel weld-in fitting is supplied for pans that do not already have that provision.

Existing "full" and "fill" dipstick marks can be used "as is" or new marks can be added to indicate desired oil level.

Tube and universal mounting tab can be bent or modified to accomodate engine compartment clearances and mounting locations.

A rubber capping seal keeps the dipstick secure in the tube and prevents crankcase gasses from escaping.

Overall length including exposed portion of the dipstick is 24".


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