Powermaster 9612 Chevy mini starter
Item# PWM-9612

Product Description

Powermaster 9612.

Powermaster Mastertorque Chevrolet mini starter.

Fits both small block and big block engines with 168 tooth flywheels or flexplates.

Staggered mounting holes.

Puts out 180 ft-lbs of torque and is rated at 1.4KW.

Weighs in at 10 pounds.

Features the InifiClock design that allows the starter to revolve around its mounting block for unusual clearance issues.

This gives the unprecedented ability to infinitely adjust the starter motor position in relation to the engine, thus giving the installer the most amount of control over header clearance issues.

Two simple screws and a unique locking system sandwich the adapter block and make for endless possiblities.

Recommended for engines up to 12:1 compression.

Has a 4.4:1 gear reduction.

No heat soak problems.

Machined aluminum adpater block.

An excellent choice for mild race or high performance street applications where heat soak is a main concern.