AutoLoc CK2000 2 door power door locks
Item# AUTOLOC-CK2000

Product Description

AutoLoc CK2000

AutoLoc power door locks for 2 doors.

With AutoLöc's power door lock conversion kits you can transform your manual door locks to automatic door locks in under an hour!

Universal kit for ALL cars, vans, & trucks.


Allows you to activate your locks using your original plungers, eliminating the need to mount switches in your door or fill in the hole left by your original door plungers.

When the plunger in your drivers door is depressed or raised, or your key is turned, the other door in your vehicle automatically power locks or unlocks.

This is easily accomplished because of AutoLöc's exclusive 5-wire actuators with built in micro-switches, which communicate with one another to act simultaneously.


Includes AutoLöc's KL400 Keyless Entry which is a 2-function unit that will lock and unlock your doors and still have four channels of output left for additional accessories such as trunk pop, windows up/down, remote start, or any future expansion you might have in mind.

Features Parking Light Outputs (2 flashes for lock, 1 flash for unlock).

Eliminates the need to mount additional switches in your vehicle.

Unlocking and locking your doors is accomplished by the original factory door plunger. This results in a factory installed look!

Locking/unlocking the front doors will lock/unlock all the other doors.

Detailed instructions walk you step by step through the quick and simple installation.

Long Range Remote Control

5-wire Actuators With Built-in Micro switches

Easy Installation

OEM Look

Compatible With Alarms

Key And Door Plunger Activation

2 Remote Controls

Central Locking System

Built In Door Relays

5 Wire Systems

2 Heavy Duty Actuators

Mounting Brackets

Color Coded Harness

Parking Light Output

Trunk Output

Limited Lifetime Warranty