SRP Forged Flat Top Pistons

Ford 351W flat top forged pistons by SRP 138732.

This piston set is .060 over size with a 4.060 bore size providing 362 cubic inches with a 3.500 stroke.

Designed for use with connecting rods measuring 5.956 long.

Compression height is 1.774, block reference height is 9.500.

Dome volume is -5cc with a deck height of -.020 and they weight in at 549 grams each.

Ring grooves are 1/16, 1/16, 3/16.

Wrist pins measure .912 by 2.750 with a .140 wall thicknes.

Can be used as press fit or floating.

Sold as a set of 8 pistons with pins.

Provides a 11.9 compression ratio with 58cc chamber cylinder heads.

Provides a 11.1 compression ratio with 64cc chamber cylinder heads.

Provides a 10.7 compression ratio with 72cc chamber cylinder heads.

Made of 4032 wrought aluminum alloy, designed for street and strip applications utilizing compression ratios that are compatible with pump gas.

These pistons also provide a quieter engine on cold start-up.

Features symetrical valve pockets fully radiused.

Honed pin bore, forged side relief.

Full floating wrist pin.

Double spiro locks.

Machined oil drain back holes (not slotted).

Pressure fed pin oilers.

SRP pistons are forged from wrought alluminum alloys. Wrought aluminum is 20% stronger than aluminum bar stock and 50% stronger than cast aluminum pistons.

SRP uses only the highest grade wrought aluminum alloys to make a stronger, lighter piston. These aerospace quality alloys have been rigourously tested and found to be the most durable material for this application.

To optimize the weight of the piston, application specific forgings are designed in 3D computer modeling programs. This makes it possible to have consistent dome thickness which will not compromise the durability of the piston.

All SRP pistons feature fully CNC machined domes, dishes and valve reliefs to give you precise compression ratios and consistent weights.

All SRP pistons incorporate CNC diamond turned skirts to provide you with a better, more consistent finish, and have CNC honed pin bores and are thoroughly deburred prior to cleaning and packaging so no prep work is required.

SRP pistons are ready to run right out of the box.

ORDERING NOTE: Pistons are not returnable. Please be sure to check your engines oversize requirements, cam requirements and head and piston to valve clearance requirements before ordering. We recommend that this be done by an experienced and competant engine builder.

SRP 138732 Ford 351W flat top forged pistons .060 over size SRP-138732$525.97
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