Quick Fuel SS-780-VS Super Street Carburetor
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Quick Fuel SS-780-VS Super Street carburetor.

780 CFM

Down leg boosters.

Electric choke.

Dual fuel inlet feeds.

Single accelerator pump.

Four corner idle mixture adjustment.

Aluminum fuel bowls with glass sight windows.

Billet aluminum metering blocks with cchangeable idel feed and power valve channel restrictions.

Billet aluminum base plate.

Aluminum main body.

Four corner idle mixture adjustment screws with thermal plastic seals.

Vacuum secondaries with adjustable secondary vacuum housing for ulitmate tuning flexibility.

Includes secondary jet extensions and notched secondary floats.

Slabbed throttle shafts with Teflon bearing ribbons with stainless steel plates.

All Super Street carburetors come with changeable air bleeds. This allows you to calibrate to the finite, your air fuel ratio for more performance and or fuel economy. Quick Flow Techonology is the only manufacture that furnishes changeable air bleeds in this class of carburetor.

With more than 50 years experience in the high performance and racing fuel system industry, Quick Fuel Technology has announced their improved adjustable secondary housing for carburetors that employ a vacuum secondary system. There are a couple of drawbacks to factory-style vacuum-controlled secondaries: no adjustability and changing springs can lead to seal failures. Changing the secondary diaphragm can result in a torn or leaking seal. The quick set adjustable secondary housing features a machined billet cover with an easy-access adjustment screw. This simple adjustment allows for a precise secondary opening for optimum secondary throttle response and performance on the track, trail or street. The adjustment needle changes not only the opening point (RPM) but also the rate (time to open) of the secondary. This is a great way to dial in optimum power at specific rpm ranges and is especially useful in racing situations where traction may be compromised and secondary timing is crucial.

CNC machined metering blocks provide more precise fuel metering and control, improved throttle response and a uniform fuel performance curve. Machined from premium billet aluminum to the strictest tolerances and then anodized for protection and good looks, these blocks are the standard by which performance carburetors are measured.

In racing, every pound counts, and the aluminum fuel bowls from Quick Fuel Technology save a 1/2 pound over traditional zinc units. Marine-grade aluminum construction resists corrosion, the bright tumbled finish and clear chromate coating add flash and protection to your fuel system.

The aluminum fuel bowls feature several high performance innovations, including repositioned fuel bowl screws for 40% more thread engagement and internal baffles that stabilize the float level. Dual sight glass windows facilitate setting the fuel level. Each bowl is equipped with dual fuel inlets and includes an inlet fitting.

Quick Fuel Technology throttle bodies are CNC machined from aircraft quality 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum to the most exacting tolerances and therefore provide superior strength.

Slabbed Teflon coated throttle shafts are assembled with Teflon ribbon bearings. Stainless steel throttle plates are attached using low profile button head screws which result in maximum air flow with minimal throttle effort. Most carburetors and all service throttle bodies come with an adjustable secondary cam bracket which allows the user to adjust the secondary air flow by simply turning a screw.

Super Street Series are offered with a fully adjustable electric choke. Simple one wire hookup combined with easy adjustability make for a trouble free choke setup.

Non-stick gaskets.

The standard by which all other power valves are measured Quick Fuel Technology exclusive in-house design has become the power valve of preference by professional race teams in virtually every circuit where carburetors are used. Not only does the Four Door power valve have a much greater flow capacity, but a quicker response rate and tighter limit bands allow engine builders to precisely tune the power enrichment phase of their calibration. Each Four Door power valve is hand tested and set to the stamped value. The thicker molded diaphragm adds increased protection against backfire induced rupture and corrosive fuels.

Dual vacuum ports are found on all Street Series Carburetors. The outside one is for manifold vacuum, and the inside is for ported spark advance signal.

All Street Series carburetors have a Pollution Control Valve (PCV) port mounted in the throttle plate, drawing equal vacuum from two venturi's, not just one - perfect for street driven machines that need a PCV or power brake vacuum hook-up.

The light-weight aluminum main body is the basis for all Quick Fuel Technology carburetors. Precision vacuum-drawn die casting helps minimize any chance for porosity in the casting. Critical casting dimensions can be maintained to much closer tolerances. The larger CFM sizes are precision machined in a second hard tool operation to exacting specifications, this provides "real world" venturi / throttle bore combinations that provide both maximum air flow. Scalloped, symmetrical throttle bore openings provide minimal restriction to air flow, upgraded "racing" booster venturi provide expanded operating range.

Quick Fuel SS-780-VS Street Series 780 cfm carburetor QUICK-FUEL-SS-780-VS


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