Cloyes 9-221 Chevy 350 2 piece aluminum timing cover
Item# CLOYES-9-221

Product Description

Cloyes 9-221 Chevrolet small block two piece cast aluminum timing cover.

Designed for 1955-1984 Chevy 283, 327, 350, 400 and 383 stroker engines.

The removable center plate allows for easy cam timing adjustments.

Natural aluminum finish.

TECH NOTE: Non-factory roller cam. This timing cover has been designed to fit behind Chevrolet short water pumps. However, some aftermarket pumps may not provide adequate clearance. If the water pump does not provide clearance, the cam thrust button may be overloaded. Check for clearance using feeler gauges or paper. It may be necessary to modify the cover, water pump, or both. This timing cover has been designed to accommodate up to a 7-1/2 in. harmonic damper. Larger dampers, such as the Chevrolet 8 in. replacement, may interfere with the adapter plate screw heads.