Trans Dapt 4100 Trans Dapt Chevy engine swap mounts for 1966-1983 CJ5 1966-1975 CJ6
Item# 4100

Product Description

Trans Dapt 4100 Trans Dapt Chevy engine swap mounts into a 1966-1983 Jeep CJ5 or a 1966-1975 Jeep CJ6.

Swap a Chevy small block, big block or 4.3L V6 into your CJ!

2 block mounts

2 frame mounts

2 rubber biscuits

Assorted hardware

Installation instructions included.

TECH NOTE: Will not work with LT1 engine.


Determine your vehicle's original engine centerline before removing the engine. This is necessary when installing the new engine.

Position the new engine so the crankshaft centerline is in approximatley the same position as the original engine was. Make certain the new engine clears the firewall, steering box, brake master cylinder, radiator, etc., with a minimum amount of cutting.

Bolt the engine mount adapter to the block using the grade 8 bolts and lockwashers included. Using the proper engine mount holes for your frame width, bolt the frame mount bracket, rubber/steel pad and enigne mount adapter together using the grade 8 bolts, washers and nylon locking nuts included.

Tack weld the frame mounts to the frame. Next, disassemble the adapters and the rubber/steel pad. Finish-weld the frame mounts to the frame for maximum strength.

Now you are ready for final installation fo the new engine.