AutoLoc SL35 AutoLoc 35 LB shaved door handle solenoid
Item# SL35

Product Description

AutoLoc SL35 AutoLoc shaved door handle solenoid.

Single wire, self grounding solenoid delivers a steady 35 pounds of pulling power.

YOU WANT POWER? AutoLöc is proud to introduce its PowerPull series of solenoids. By putting military grade high torque power in the hands of the consumer AutoLöc solenoids are immune to the rusty or sticky latches that will burn out lower quality solenoids.

All AutoLöc solenoids feature 2x retention springs that adjust the pulling power to the precise level required for each pull, resulting in optimal performance with less wear and tear on your latches and installation assembly.

The PowerPull SL Series compact design and durable steel construction makes them the ultimate solenoids for any shaved door handle application.

The self-grounding bracket that comes with every SL35 solenoid allows for single wire hookup resulting in a very straight forward installation.

Each SL Series kit also includes 1/16 pre-stretched stainless steel cable, wiring, all mounting hardware, cable guide, heavy-duty backup button, and detailed instructions.

Despite it's powerful pull, these solenoids require only 2.5 inches of depth clearance for mounting. The solenoid itself is 5.5 inches from end to tip, full extended.

Don't get stuck wasting your time and money replacing burned-out solenoids. Get the most torque and reliability for your dollar with PowerPull SL 35 pound solenoids.

Heavy Duty High Torque 35 LB Solenoid

Includes Mounting Bracket

Progressive Weight Return Spring

Single Wire, Self Grounding Solenoid Installation

Sealed End Cap

Self Grounding Bracket

All Steel Contruction

Stainless Steel Hardware, Wiring, Cable, Cable Guide, And Button Included

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Sold As 1 Solenoid