High Performance Engine Cooling Fans
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1.Measure the mounting surface on the radiator core. Mounting surface is usually defined as the finned core area.

2. Note how much space (depth) is available for an electric fan. Also note possible obstructions to mounting an electtric fan.

3. The fan will be mounted using either through core plastic ties or rigid brackets. Flexalite recommends rigid bracket mounting for electric fans whenever possible to prevent damage to the radiator core. Most flexalite electric fan kits are available with rigid mounting brackets.

4. There are many factors that affect what size electric fan will be adequate to cool your vehicle. Engine size and output, radiator size and design, and outside air temperature and density. Generally speaking, it is best to maximize the coverage of the finned core area and airflow capability when choosing an electric fan. For example, you may be able to fit two 14" fans or one low profile dual fan assembly on your radiator. The two seperate fans have a bit better airflow potential, but the dual fan assembly would be a better choice because it covers a much larger area of the core. Flexalite recommends at least 60% of the finned core area be covered by an electric fan/shroud assembly for maximum cooling.

Flexalite 111 electric cooling fan 12" low profile
Flex-a-lite 133 low profile fan
Flex-a-lite 160 Black Magic electric fan
Flexalite 180 Black Magic Xtreme electric fan
Flex-A-Lite 111

Low Profile 12.125"

Electric Radiator Fan

1,250 CFM$219.97
Flex-A-Lite 133

Low Profile 12"

Electric Radiator Fan

1,250 CFM$199.97
Flex-a-lite 160

Black Magic 15"

Electric Radiator Fan

3,000 CFM$304.97
Flexalite 180

Extreme Black Magic 16"

Electric Radiator Fan

3,300 CFM$299.97
Flex-A-Lite 390 S-Blade electric cooling fan 10" electric fan
Flex-a-lite 392 S-Blade 12" electric fan
Flex-a-lite 394 S-Blade 14" electric fan
Flex-a-lite 396 S-Blade 16" electric fan
Flex-A-Lite 390

S-Blade 10"

Electric Radiator Fan

775 CFM$109.97
Flex-A-Lite 392

12" - 925 CFM$119.97
Flex-A-Lite 394

14" S-Blade

Electric Radiator Fan

925 CFM$119.97
Flex-A-Lite 396

16" S-Blade

Electric Radiator Fan

1,980 CFM$139.97
Flex-A-Lite 398 Syclone electric fan 16"
Flex-A-Lite 106 Trimline electric fan
Flex-A-Lite 108 Trimline 10" electric fan
Flex-A-Lite 112 Trimline 12" electric fan
Flex-A-Lite 398

Scyclone 16"

Electric Radiator Fan

2,500 CFM


Trimline 6 1/2"

Electric Radiator Fan

340 CFM$109.97
Flex-A-Lite 108

Trimline 10"

Electric Radiator Fan

800 CFM$109.97
Flex-A-Lite 112

Trimline 12"

Electric Radiator Fan

1,105 CFM$119.97
Flexalite 105386 Trimline 14" electric fan
Flex-A-Lite 105387 Trimline 16" electric fan
Flex-A-Lite 105386

Trimline 14"

Electric Radiator Fan

1,585 CFM$129.99
Flex-A-Lite 105387

Trimline 16"

Electric Radiator Fan

2,215 CFM$129.99


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